I would like to be an adult volunteer. What are the requirements?

East Cheshire South Manchester Wing accepts adult volunteers who would fill specific roles for our cadet’s training. The roles will depend on your skills and preference. You could join as a civilian committee, uniformed staff, service instructor, and or as a chaplain.

Do you accept an existing DBS certificate?

For volunteers, we require them to take DBS checks to make sure that their skills and knowledge are up to par. If you have further questions regarding DBS checks, please contact us.

What are the requirements to join as a cadet?

You should be 13 to 17 years old to join. Joiners should be at least be on the 8th grade. You will be also needing to fill out consent forms. These forms ensure that you are fit to do the activities and are allowed by your parents/guardian to join.

What are the activities involved?

There will be fun and engaging activities like flying, skiing, gliding, and citizenship training. It’s a mixture of military approach and aviation training at the same time. There will be leadership training to prepare you for a bright future.

Is it mandatory for me to join air force after the program?

No. This is a voluntary program that aims to promote good citizenship while having great adventures and training. Cadets are free to choose to pursue the career of their choice and will not be forced in any way to join the airforce.

Will there be fees for joining?

There might be minimal fees involved ranging from 10 to 20 pounds depending on the financial status of the program. As promised, fees would always be minimal as we try hard to get more funds to avoid putting the cost of training to the parents.